Do Snakes Lay Eggs or Give Live Birth?

Snakes are the oldest species living on this planet. They are many and almost has 3000 types of snakes in the world. Usually, they are considered as the enemy of humans because of their poisonous saliva.  If we look into the types of the snakes, it is quite obvious that they differ in sizes. 

The worlds smallest snake according to a survey is a thread snake. This snake is unique, and it looks like an earthworm, and they are 11 cm long while when we talk about the largest snake in the world, the species is 30 feet long. Not only, they are different in sizes, but also they are different in their other characteristics too. Some of them are harmful while others are kept as a pet in the houses. 

How do snakes give birth?

A very common perception about snakes is that they lay eggs and continue their species which is true to some extent but not always. With all the research, it is obvious that only one species of the snakes build a nest to lay eggs and they are king Cobra. About 70 percent of snakes lay eggs. These types of snakes are called oviparous. And in some areas, the survival of eggs is impossible, so the other 30 percent give birth to their offspring like a mammal. 

There are four toxic snakes set up in the United States, and adding another one to it that lays eggs is the coral snake. While we have three species, the copperhead, water moccasin and rattlesnake they are the one who gives birth to a mammal. Garter snakes also have live births. Commonly the snakes of United States give birth to their babies. 

How does the process work?

The species that lay eggs, basically they leave after laying them. So, the babies have to survive on their own after the egg hatch. Their parents are there to keep the eggs warm in the start. After that, they leave them behind. In the occasion of live births, snakes habitually leave behind their young after birth. Some of them are there for few days to not let the new ones be the food of the other predators.

When baby snakes are born live, they have to stay alive on their own from the day one. Naturally, they are born with venom and fangs. Thats why they can endure. Despite the fact, they give birth to their babies like a mammal, but still, they never give parental guidance to their new ones. There is no concept of it in the world of snakes. In some cases, females are there for the babies until the egg hatched. Otherwise, they always leave them. 

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